Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Paranormal

ok, so i was at Cyan's house, and we were talking about a show on Cartoon Network called The OtherSiders. its like a show about supernatrual stuff and ghosts. then we started researching things called poltergeists, and Cyan got freaked. it is pretty scary. like, u can create poltergeists with the power of your mind and your fear, so the poltergeist always follows u around and stuff. it throws stuff at u, and can even kill u. i even got spooked. yah... kinda creepy.

however, the effect was ruined when i was reminded that "poltergeists" sounds like "poultry"
i burst out laughing


Watching said...

haha...that would be scary if raw chickens followed me around D:

Isn't there movie called poltergeists?? I don't usually watch older movies -__-;

Cyan said...

thank you again for reminding me, i just forgot

Aquaria Longstream said...

ummmmm... sorry cyan... i should have put up a warning... hehe... sorry. ummmmm.... i dont watch old movies either... i have no idea... XD

Watching said...

?? how come you don't click your eggs every day??

Aquaria Longstream said...

I dont remember to go on the website... im on at total random... hehe -__-"

Jun said...

oh yea, i forgot cyan doesn't like scary movies and etc.
O___O Aquaria, do u think I should look it up?