Wednesday, June 10, 2009


how do u want to die? my friend wants to die in a black hole. i want to die in battle, fighting. and none of that crap with guns and stuff. that really doesnt take much, skill, just pull the trigger and skulk around. no, i want to die in a REAL battle, with swords, pikes, lances, axes, stuff like that. i dont believe in modern wars and weaponry... it takes no honor and skill. sure, im not being all chivalrous and stuff: believe me, i enjoy quite a bit of stealth... in fact, i dont believe in chivalry. i mean, there are no rules in war, u do what u gotta do to win... right? but nowadays... no skill, training, nothing. just some "superior modern technology" and they can kill, right and left. although nuclear stuff IS kinda cool... yep

anyone know what would happen if u dug a giant hole to the core of the earth ( assuming that was possible, and no one would come to harm, the equiptment wont melt, blah blah blah) and dropped, like, 100 atomic and hydrogen bombs down there. cool, huh?

No, im not emo, goth, morbid, or suicidal. this stuff (weaponry, etc. not death) just interests me... i think its very interesting and..... picturesque.


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Watching said...

Yes, anyone can use a gun. Hmmm... I would like to die when I'm really old, while sleeping..but if I had to die early... I don't know...

OH! btw I like your new profile picture ^^