Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Death Note: Another Note

the book above mentioned is a great book!!!! i read it at Cyans house... its great!!!! very complex, good depth, and it aaaaaalll comes together at the end... great book. i dont read Death Note, but this is a great book. B.B (Beyond Birthday) is awesome... heheh even though he's an enemy of L... and therefore Cyan... yeppo.

By the way, Cyan, ur in my AQ worlds account, arent u? u are. but thanks for the dragonslayer and Plum costume.... u dont know the password, do u??? u just helped me because it is in the "SAVE" right??? RIGHT??? pls dont hack, Cyan... :)


Cyan said...

it was just a save, i have no idea wat your password ish and i dun wanna know. and yesh the book does rock xD

Watching said...

;) wow so modest cyan...just kidding *flaps hand* but...good job^^

Jun said...

I love zat book O___O
I read it over and over and over and over and over and over...well, i'm exaggerating a bit...*shrugs*
But it's vocabulary is pretty in depth or watever, too. I had to look up about 7 words...O___O