Wednesday, April 1, 2009

new manga interest!!!

i've never been the one to go for all the manga. my 2 BFF's (Jun and Cyan) really love it though.
but today, i have a new manga interest. it's called Claymore. its pretty good. Cyan, Jun, check it out and tell me what you think.
i finally made advances in my manga interests! :)


Cyan said...

no offense, but i tried to read Claymore, and its SO WEIRD!
and just to tell u, just because i like something u dont like doesnt give u the right to mock me or anything. Plus i dont really like Claymore.


I stopped drawing and started writing.

Aquaria Longstream said...

dude, if u'r talkin about that zwinky thing, im not mocking u. im just expressing my distast. i didn't say ANYTHING bad about u. just about the Zwinkys. i kinda understand about Claymore. it is a bit wierd.
REALLY!?!?! u stopped drawing?!? wow. i tried writing once but...
i hope u can write as good as u draw!!!!
im sorry u were offended about the zwinky thing. :(

Cyan said...

no im fine..meep

Jun said...

uuum, why when i read the description for it, it said that it's about these things that feed on human guts, and half yoma warriors.