Tuesday, April 21, 2009


so, i finally caved in to ravens begging and was friends again with that disaster tera, whom i will now refer to as It. It is being a total and complete butthead, arguing over nothing. i hate It.

it makes me glad that i have true friends: Cyan and Jun. they have supported me all the way, so thanx guys. ur the best. everyone should have friends like these. they havent betrayed me like It, or sometimes raven. dudes, ur awsome. thanx. in honor of my friends, i would like to say a few words.

in this world, nothing is as it seems. everyone is betraying each other. no one has true friendship. above all, the enviorment and economy is going down. soon we will be nothing but a barren wasteland. do u know wat we need to do? we need to eat lots and lots and lots of pie. pie is the thing that will save the world. cheese is the side kick of pie. eat lots of cheese too. in fact, eat everything. then we'll all be fat and chubby. thank you.


Jun said...

Yes, we know we are the best! hee hee :)!!! we should eat cheese pie. but raven and It are big nonos, they baaad, they are evil. they should eat pie and get chubby!!!!!!

Aquaria Longstream said...

yay thanx for the support^-^ well, technically raven is not evil im just mad. im starting to kinda a teensy weensy bit starting to trust It. but thanx really i know u guys will back me up *grateful*

Cyan said...