Wednesday, September 30, 2009

fairy tail

like a lotta ppl know, manga is awsome. I used to only read claymore (and just a tad of kitchen princess) but now i found a manga thats pretty good. 's called fairy tail. Its about magic, and wizards, and blah blah blah, but its cool that way. So far my fave characters are a) kana alberona, b) gray fullbuster (yah i know hes not wearing a shirt but thats cause hes really used to being in the cold and stuff so he gets overheated and randomly takes his clothes off) and c) erza scarlet.
(does erza not look awsome?) click on the pics for a better view :P


Cyan said...

i gave up on manga lol
too busy

Jun said...

sweet, I used to read this, but then i kind a just stopped in the middle of a chapter and decided i didn't like it...... o.o oh well

Jun said...

well, not didn't like it...just got boring for meh o.o i guess, idk, idk, idk, idk, idk, idk, idk, idk!