Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shoutout.... thingys

to Cyan: thas ok. i understand wat ur going through... something small like this will NOT make me give up on u. after all, u are my BFF. also, i think i know how to change ur blog back from hindi: go to ur dash board, and go to the top right area. there will be a drop down box, and it will say hindi- or it will have a bunch of hindi scribbles in the box.... click the drop down arrow and choose english, the very first one. i did not change ur blog to hindi... XD
to Jun: hiya :D ur a great friend!
to Watching: hope ur having fun at ur relatives house!


Jun said...


Cyan said...

watching replaced meh e.e
i tried everything
did u change my blog to hindi?

Aquaria Longstream said...

wat do u mean watching replaced u???
no i did not change ur blog to hindi.

it works. i changed my own blog to hindi, and then i did wat i told u to do, and my own blog changed back.