Wednesday, May 6, 2009


urgh!!!ok, i play the viola (VIOLA, not violin...) i started a private teacher about seven months ago, and im on suzuki book 3 now, or at least i just started book three. thats pretty fast proggress, no? but now, im supposd to join a symphony thing for people who have played for THREE!!! years, and are on book 4. now, im auditioning with a song from book 4... im not a bad player, i even think im pretty good, because im in my schools chamber orchestra and everything, but im not up to this!!! oh well. ill give it a try. if i make it, ill tell u dudes.



Watching said...

That's cool I play violin^^ but I didn't learn through the suzuki program. I think there's pretty much a suzuki program for anything with strings right? O.O?

Jun said...

aaaa....okay, good luck! I'm in band so i wouldn't know!!! hee hee!!! ^^

Cyan said...

hello. im in band too. >:^/ have a nice day, u 3