Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Find the messages!

list all the messages on a comment and i will spare your life when i take over the world.
Have a nice day


Jun said...

is there a kind of medieval torture when people let a bamboo tree grow through you?

Jun said...

1) lovered wall?
2)cheese tastes good
3)delicious speed
4)bees make honey
5)microscopic organisms
6)I also found 2 separate words fish, flad, and poo....

yup, that's all. that was fun!!!! :)

Aquaria Longstream said...

to juns question:no. how ever, there is a similar torture where someone jams bamboo under your fingernails. the chinese say the the fingernail part is conected to your heart or something, so it hurts a lot more. if there was a bamboo TREE, your wound would get infected and you would die in a few days.

Aquaria Longstream said...

so close, cyan. the correct answers are:
i love redwall
cheese tastes good
poo is great
i like pie
delicious pee
bees make honey
microscopic organisms
i poo a lot
food makes you fat

Since u and Jun are my BFF's, i will spare your lives and you guys will be my equal when WE take over the world (i cant do it alone :D )

Aquaria Longstream said...

oops what i meant yu, jun
i thought jun was cyan aaannnnddd.... i know its your answers

Jun said...

whoo! yay, i won't get killed by you! :) thanks!

Cyan said...

i dont get it