Tuesday, December 23, 2008

by the Executioner

From Raven Swiftclaw ( the Executioner) . alright everybody lemme share my common torture plan. Mostly used on Tera and Mrs. Herman the psychopath teacher.

  1. Skin them alive: so the pain is increased thousandfold.
  2. Disembowel: yipee ki yay!
  3. Cut of fingers and toes : happy
  4. slice of face: grip and rip!
  5. boil in oil. rhymes! :)
  6. cover in molten metal : hot hot hot
  7. cover in molten tire
  8. drink acid and molten lead. cherry flavored! (not really-but molten metal is red!)
  9. bloody eagle ( aquaria has an older post explaining)
  10. slowly kill so that fear penetrates them

yours cruely, Raven }:>

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