Friday, November 14, 2008

disgusting, repulsive, and...hilarious tera

ok, imagine this : a red head is crouching, her hair falling in front of her face. there are piles of fall leaves around her.she says: oh, leaves, tell me of all your secrets. i shall make them true, and fullfil my destiny. she rises, and there's a golden light from the sky. there are leaves rising and swirling around her(like you see in cheap movies). her arms are out and she floats higher in the golden light. her body disappears in a flash of golden light. when she reapears, shes floating downward. she lands and crouches, then slowly stands. she says: thankyou, mighty spirits of the leaves. i can fulfill my destiny and will, and save the world. i will do what i must. finally, she does what the leaves told her to. she....... FARTS!!!

me and raven laughed our butts off about that. (by the way, the red head is tera)

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