Friday, September 12, 2008

annoying friends

ok,tera, if you're reading this, too bad. its all true.
i have an really anoying friend. shes nice and all, but she is so stubborn, ignorant, and disagreeable. whatever me and my other friend do, mostly she disagrees with us. if we win the argument, however, she goes to another group of friends and sobs and makes us seem mean. i mean, the general majority agrees, so if youre upset, then at least do it privately!!! once, she blabbered to the WHOLE school about how mean we were. then she apoligized, but it was tooo late. most of the time, she takes up 80% of the fight, but me and leah are the ones who apoligize. its so not fair. still, other than that, she's a good friend. :)

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